If you finally want to make money trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and the stock market, you’ve come to the right place. The simple reality is that making money on the market is not easy. Trading takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and time, most of which many of us just don’t have period the simple reality here is that if you want to make money trading, using the trading signals provided by Andrew’s trading channel is the way to go.

For those of you who don’t know what trading signals are, these are very well researched trading ideas like complete with all of the information you need to place profitable trades. You will be told exactly which assets to trade, in which direction to trade, went to enter trades, and went to exit. The only thing left for you to do is to copy and paste the information you get into your trading platform or broker of choice, and watch as the profits roll in.

of course, we understand people are wary about trading signals services such as the one from Andrew’s trading channel, because after all, there are plenty of scams out there. However, today we are here to provide you with reputable evidence that Andrew’s trading channel trading signals do actually work.

This service, which is hosted over the discord messenger system, produces weekly profit updates that you can take a look at period today, we are here to take a closer look at these weekly trading signals profit updates to show you exactly how much money you can make if you use the trading signals from Andrew’s Trading Channel.

Cryptocurrency Trading Signals

Weekly Trading Signals Results from May 15 to May 19

English trading channel released a number of signals between May 15th and May 19th. First, we have the forex trading signals that were released between Monday and Friday, between the 15th and 19th. There were 27 forex signals released during this.

Of the 27th signals, when this information was released, 17 hit profit targets, four hit the stop loss levels and six still have results pending. It’s safe to assume that at least half of those six pending trades ended up being winners. Whatever the case may be, at the time when this information was released, that profit was 980 three 980 pip profit is extremely high, and if you had used these signals, you would have made a lot of money.

We then have the cryptocurrency signals. In that same time frame, 26 cryptocurrency signals were provided. Of those 26 cryptocurrency signals, only two of them hit the stop loss levels, and only one was still pending at the time when this information was released. The result here is that 20 three of those 26 trades ended up hitting the profit targets, resulting in a 718.31% profit. That is an absolutely massive profit. You could have literally multiplied your money by over seven times if you used these trading signals.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the signals provided by Andrew’s trading channel are simply some of the best in the world, and if you use them on a regular basis, you also stand to make great profits.


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