The COTPS Crypto Trading Software

If you are looking to make money trading crypto currencies, having the right software in your arsenal is certainly going to help. This is what we are here to talk about today, a brand new piece of cryptocurrency trading software. This new piece of crypto trading software is known as COTPS. This is a brand new piece of cryptocurrency trading software that was just released, It has already managed to make a huge impact on the curriculum trading unity. The reason why this software has made such a huge impact is quite simple, because it actually works.

It can produce more than 3% profits on a daily basis with ease. We do realize that there are many trading scams out there, which is one reason why we are here doing this COTPS cryptocurrency trading software review.

We are here to put all doubts to rest. The fact of the matter is that this It’s a 100% totally legit piece of cryptocurrency trading software. In no way is this a scam or some kind of trick. It absolutely does have the ability to produce profits on a consistent basis. This is our COTPS review, and we want to tell you exactly how this new trading software is going to put money in your pocket.


What Exactly is COTPS

First and foremost, the full name of this software is “Cryptos OTC Trading Platform”. However, that is a whole lot to say, so we will just stick with the abbreviation. In layman’s terms, this is a semi automated cryptocurrency trading platform. This means that it allows users to trade crypto currencies.

Yes, it is semi automated, or in other words manual, which means that you do have to place trades individually and manually. However, this is not a bad thing, because you can decide which trades are the best ones for you to place. Now come up with that being said, there is a way to turn this software into a fully automated cryptocurrency trading system.

When you sign up for it the COTPS trading software through our website, using the links that we have provided here today, you also get access to a special script or piece of additional software that will allow this program to work as a fully automated cryptocurrency trading system. If you use this fully automated script, you simply have to turn the software on and let it do all of the trading for you. Cryptocurrency trading really couldn’t be any easier than that.


How Does COTPS Make Money?

What you were probably wondering is what makes the COTPS system different from all of the others out there. Well, this is no ordinary cryptocurrency trading platform. In fact, this is a very special type of cryptocurrency trading platform, known as an arbitrage trading platform. For those of you who don’t know what arbitrage trading is, this is a special type of training that involves buying and selling the same cryptocurrency from various sources.

In other words, this COTPS trading software scans all of the different crypto currency exchanges out there, as well as all of the cryptocurrencies featured on these exchanges. It then compares the price of specific cryptocurrencies across different exchanges to see who it offers it at the lowest price and who offers it at the highest price.


The COTPS trading software will then buy a cryptocurrency from the source that sells it for the lowest price, and then sell it back to the source that will provide the highest priced.

In other words, this software buys the cryptocurrency for the lowest possible price and then sells it for the highest possible price. This is a very simple trading methodology, buy low and sell high, which is proven to work. Thanks to this, the COTPS trading system can produce profits in excess of 3.6% per day.

What you also need to realize here is that every time you make a trade, trading cycle begins. These trading cycles last for 2 hours and 13 minutes. Once your last trade has been placed, the cycle officially starts. Then, in between each of the cycles, you can choose to withdraw your profits or to have them compound by starting a new cycle. Each and every single cycle can produce up to 0.3% in profits, or if you let all 11 cycles compound, you can earn up to 3.6% in profits.


Who is This Software Designed for?

You are probably wondering whether or not this particular piece of crypto currency trading software is right for you. The simple answer here is that yes, we do think that it is ideal for everybody. The reason for this is because trading cryptocurrencies is made very easy thanks to it, as well as very reliable. You are more or less guaranteed to get at least a few percentage points of profits every single day.

Moreover, it doesn’t require the user to engage in any analysis or research whatsoever. You don’t have to deal with charts, indicators, or technical analysis of any sort. You simply click a button, hit trade, and you are good to go. Whether you are a trading newbie or a professional and seasoned veteran, we think that this COTPS trading software is ideal.



The Cost of COTPS Software

You’re probably also wondering how much the COTPS software is going to cost you. While, the good news here is that it doesn’t cost anything at all. Accessing it, downloading it, and using it is completely free of charge.

The only cost associated with this software is a small commission that is charged when you make a profit. The makers of this software do need to maintain it, and they do want to make some money as well, which is completely understandable. For this reason, they just take a very small fraction of the profits that you make.



COTPS Trading Software Review – Final Thoughts

If you need a high quality piece of trading software for crypto currencies, COTPS is definitely something that we would recommend. As far as we can tell, his brand new piece of cryptocurrency trading software is set to be one of the best in the world.

This is true not only in terms of being able to produce consistent profits, but also because it is extremely easy to use. Remember, this is the type of trading software that even newbies can use who don’t know the first thing about cryptocurrency trading. If you want to make consistent profits on a daily basis, give it a try.

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