Instaforex FX Broker Official Review


If you plan on trading forex, crypto currencies, CFD’s, or anything in between, then what you need is the right broker. What a lot of people don’t realize is that having the right broker in their corner can make a world of difference when it comes to how much money you can make. Today we want to take a look at one specific broker known as Instaforex, which at this time is known as being one of the world’s best Forex brokers.

Now we know that when it comes to Forex brokers and brokers in general, there are plenty of scams out there, illegitimate brokers that want nothing more than to steal your money.

One of the things that we are here to do today is to confirm that this particular instaforex broker is indeed the real deal, not just some scam. Moreover, once we confirm whether or not this is a scam, we will then move on to review its main features and benefits. This is our official InstaForex broker review and we want to find out whether or not it’s legit and what it can do for your trading game.


What is Instaforex?

Alright, so first and foremost, what you need to know here is that instaforex is a broker. Some people wonder whether or not it is also a trading platform, but unfortunately it is not. To use instaforex you do need to also use the meta trader for trading platform or other compatible trading platforms.

With that being said, this is considered to be one of the best brokers in the world, and there are various reasons for it. Now. Do keep in mind that while this is primarily a Forex broker, it does also allow you to trade CFD’s on stocks as well as other assets, something which we will discuss further below. For now, let’s move on to find out whether or not this Instaforex broker is legit.

Registration & Licensing

OK, so one of the telltale signs as to whether or not a forex broker like this is a scam is whether or not it is actually registered and officially licensed. Well, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that this particular broker is indeed totally legit due to the fact that it is registered, licensed, and completely regulated.

Instaforex is licensed by BVI FSC, with the license number SIBA/L/14/1082. Moreover, Insta Service LTD is registered with reg number IBC22945 with FSC Saint Vincent. Based on this alone, you can rest assured that Instaforex is indeed a real broker, not just some kind of scam looking to steal your money.


Official Partners

Something else that we want to talk about here, a clear indication that the instaforex broker is indeed the real deal is that it has a quite a few official partners. For instance, this broker is the official partner of Dragon Racing, a world famous racing team, and moreover it even has its own rally car team in the Dakar Rally race.

Also, one of the official spokesmen and partners for this broker is none other than Vladimir Moravchik, a world famous Muay Thai champion. The fact that this program has so many official and reputable partners is of course of good sign in terms of its legitimacy.

Accolades & Awards

Yet another telltale sign that this particular Forex broker is indeed the real deal is the fact that it has received well over a dozen awards and accolades over the past decade pertaining to its features and efficacy as a broker.

Some of the awards that it has received over the past years include Best Forex Copy Trading Platform 2017, Best ECN Broker 2017, Most Active Broker in Asia 2020, Best Affiliate Program 2020, Best Forex Broker Eastern Europe 2019, Best Forex Broker Central and Eastern Europe 2020, and more.

Keep in mind that this broker has actually received many more awards than the ones we listed here, but quite frankly, there are just too many of them, and we have other things to talk about.


Instaforex Account Types

Now that we have established that this particular broker is indeed legitimate and the real deal we do want to talk about what you can actually do with it. Now the first thing we want to talk about is that there are actually two account types that you can open.

First off, there is a so-called traders account that is designed for people who want to engage in high volume trading and want to be able to trade manually. This particular account type comes with over 300 different trading instruments, the ability to leverage a trade by up to 1000 times, swap free accounts, and much more.

Second, there is also a so-called investment or passive trading account, which is designed more for people who want to get passive income as opposed to having to trade constantly. In other words, this is where you invest in other professional traders who are known for being able to make money on a consistent basis. This passive income account can let you make profits of up to 1000% per year, all without actually having to really trade at all.

Other Things You Get

Tradeable Assets

You probably also want to know what you can actually trade with this broker. Well, as you probably know, it is of course one of the best Forex brokers in the world and there are over 170 different currency instruments that you can trade with.

However, you can also trade nearly 100 different CFD’s on U.S. stocks, as well as CFD’s on futures. Plus you can also trade contracts on gold and silver as well as crypto currencies. You can also trade digital options using this particular broker.



The Demo Account + Free Education

Do keep in mind that just in case, if you don’t know how to trade forex or trade on the markets at all, then you should definitely try opening an InstaForex demo account. This is a completely free account type that you can open which will allow you to test out this broker using real life market conditions, but without having to risk money, thus allowing you to test out your trading skills before you start trading with real money. Moreover, this demo account also comes with tons of free education to help teach you to be a better trader.

Instaforex FX Broker Review – The Verdict

The verdict here is that Instaforex hands down one of the best Forex brokers out there and much more. If you need a broker that is not going to charge you insane commissions and will allow you to make money with ease, then this is the broker for you.

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