Is the AXI Broker the Real Deal?


As a trader, something that you definitely need is a good broker, one that can allow you to make money without paying an arm and a leg for it. Although most newbie traders don’t consider this, having the right broker in your arsenal definitely makes a big difference. This is especially the case if you are starting off with a very limited amount of trading capital. What we are here to do today is to take a look at one very popular well trusted broker, AXI.

Now, we are aware that many of you are weary of the fact that there are of course many illegitimate scam brokers out there. Indeed, there are many scam brokers out there who would love nothing more than to steal every last penny you have. Moreover, there are obviously lots of legit brokers out there too, but out of those legit brokers, many still don’t perform well, are difficult to navigate, and just don’t live up to the hype in terms of what they can deliver.

Well, today, we want to talk about the AXI broker, one that is known for being the real deal, not just another scam, and moreover, the pricing it offers is competitive, it’s easy to navigate, and it allows you to trade with virtually every type of asset out there. At this time, AXI services over 60,000 clients in well over 100 countries, just one piece of proof that it is in fact the real deal. Let’s get to it and take a closer look at this AXI broker to find out what it is all about and what it can do for you.


Is AXI a Scam – Licensing and Regulation

Of course, plenty of you are obviously going to be concerned about this AXI broker being a scam, because yes, there are plenty of scam brokers out there. However, based on all of the positive reviews, our own research, the legit awards that this broker has received, and its licensing and regulation, we know that it is the real deal.

The AXI broker is regulated by the FCA, which is one of the strictest and most stringent financial regulatory bodies out there. The FCA reference number is 509746, something that you can go look up for yourself. Also, the company registration number for both England and Wales is 06378544, and is registered under AxiCorp Limited.


In the past few years, AXI has received quite a few awards for its services, and these include Best MT4 Forex Broker 2019, Best Forex Broker Europe 2018, and Best Forex Broker Middle East 2019, and others.

Who Can Trade with This Broker?

Something that you are likely wondering is whether or not this broker is right for you. After all, there are plenty of brokers out there, and some are ideal for newbies whereas others are geared more towards trading pros.

Well, we are pleased to say that this AXI broker seems to be ideal for everybody. For one, it does come with a very easy to navigate systems that is not hard to use, not to mention plenty of trading education to get you on the right track. Moreover, there is also a demo account you can use, and the pricing is very competitive too. These are all factors that help make the AXI broker very beginner friendly.

The retail trading account is designed for beginners and part time traders. However, there is also a professional account available, which allows you to trade with more asset types, has way more leverage, and is ideal for trading at high volumes. When it comes down to it, the AXI broker is ideal for any and all types of traders.

What does AXI Trade?

The next thing that you need to know about the AXI broker is what it can actually trade. So, this broker is primary designed as a Forex trading broker, and it does this very well. It allows users to trade with all major Forex currency pairs, as well as most of the exotic ones too.

However, although this broker does excel at Forex trading, this is not the only thing that it can do. In case you would like to trade other markets, AXI also allows for indices, commodities, precious metals, oil, and cryptocurrency trading.

On a side note, only the professional account holders will have access to crypto trading, but not the newbies with retail trading accounts. Either way, it is pretty cool how AXI is such a multifaceted broker that allows you to trade in virtually all of the markets out there.

The AXI Demo Account

Ok, so we are aware that many people are a bit scared of trading, and this is true whether it is Forex or anything else. Trading is risky, it is hard, and while it does come with massive profit potential, the risk of losing money is indeed very real. In other words, if you don’t have the right skills, know-how, and experience, chances are that you are going to lose all of the money you invest.

Well, this is why the AXI broker comes complete with a free demo account that you can use for absolutely no cost.

This demo account does not cost anything, and it does allow you to trade under real market conditions, but just not with real money. In other words, you could call this a practice trading account, so not only does it allow you to try your hand at trading (without having to risk real money), but it also allows you to get a better feel for the AXUI broker itself.


Other Crucial Information


AXI Broker – The Verdict

When all has been said and done, if you need a good broker for all of your trading needs, we recommend trying out the AXI demo account.

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