Trading Education with Andrew’s Trading Channel

If you are an aspiring trader who wants to start making real money and be independent, then Andrew’s Trading Channel is where you need to be. We want to talk about all of the important aspects of this educational resource right now, so you can make an informed decision on the matter.

Andrew's Trading Channel

Andrew’s Trading Channel: The Basics

The main thing that we want to do here today is to take a closer look at the variety of trading guides and videos that Andrew has uploaded onto his channel. However, before we get to that, we do want to cover the basics, some important points, such as who Andrew is and what you can actually learn from his trading channel.


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What is it?

First and foremost, Andrews trading channel is a 100% free online resource that all aspiring traders can use to learn how to trade. This is a video channel that can be found on YouTube. This is a channel where the leader Andrew provides you with daily updates, trading videos, strategies, guides, tips, news and so much more.

When it comes down to it, if you are an aspiring trader and you want to learn how to trade, then this is the place to be, especially if you don’t want to spend any money to do so. Now while Andrew’s trading channel might not constitute on 100% constant comprehensive education, it does provide newbies with a good starting point as well as a good reference for a variety of trading strategies and much more.

Andrew's Trading Channel


Who is Andrew?

OK, seeing as we were talking about Andrew’s trading channel, something that you probably want to know is who Andrew is. Well, Andrew is a professional trader who has been in the business for well over a decade at this point. Andrew has a degree in Economics and Business, so he definitely has the educational background to be a very profitable and professional trader.

Andrew has been trading the stock market, Forex commodities and cryptocurrencies for well over a decade, and in that time he has seen massive success. Realistically speaking, Andrew makes as much money in a single day of trading than most people do working a full week at a menial job. Thanks to his great education and experience, Andrew is indeed one of the most profitable and successful traders around. Not to mention one of the best people to learn to trade from.

The simple reality here is that not only is Andrew a fantastic trader, but a great teacher as well. He’s a very approachable person and all of his lessons are performed in such a way that everything is easy for newbies to grasp. You don’t have to be a trading pro or a genius to get what Andrew is saying because not only does he explain everything in great detail, but everything is also backed up with live visual examples so you can follow along with him as he teaches.


Andrew's Trading Channel

What Will You Learn from ATC?

What you’re probably also wondering here is what you will actually learn from Andrews trading channel. Now once again Andrew’s trading channel does not really constitute a ground up education that starts with the basics, but it does provide you with a plethora of trading tips, guides, rules, news updates, platform reviews and so much more.

This is a great place to be if you were looking for individual tips, strategies and other such things. Now, Andrew teaches people how to trade stocks, forex, crypto currencies, commodities and more.

As you can see, Andrew is a very diverse trader who does not just focus on one field which is beneficial for everybody looking to learn a variety of trading styles in different markets. Realistically speaking, you can learn virtually everything that you need to know to start making consistent profits on a daily basis right here from no one else other than Andrew.




Andrew’s Trading Channel Educational Guides

Ok, so now that you know exactly what Andrew’s Trading Channel is, and who Andrew himself is, let’s take a quick look at some of the most recent trading guides and videos that he has created and uploaded, so everybody can view them and learn from them free of cost. Folks, these are some of the very best Forex, cryptocurrency, and stock market trading tutorials around, plus a whole lot more too!

Forex & Stock Trading Sniper Class

When it comes to finding the best entry points for stock market and Forex trades, this is extremely important. Finding the best entry points for trades is vital because it will decide what your overall profit margin will look like, and if you even profit at all. In this particular trading guide, Andrew teaches you the three best techniques for finding the very best entries for all of your trades.

This video is called the sniper class, because it will allow you to pinpoint the very best trades to make with a marksman’s accuracy. If you are a newbie who is just learning how to trade Forex or the stock market, this is a video we strongly recommend checking out.

Trading Bitcoin with Just $200

If you are an aspiring Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trader, but you are a newbie who has limited capital to trade with, then this is video that you definitely want to check out. Here, Andrew demonstrates that it is more than possible to start any kind of trading with a very limited amount of money, $200 to be exact. Here, Andrew uses MetaTrader to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin with great results.

If you check out this video, you will learn an excellent trading strategy for Bitcoin trading with a small account. As you can see from the video, Andrew was able to turn $200 into $400 in just a single day. If you pay attention and follow along, if you do everything Andrew does, there is no reason why you should not be able to do the same.

Trading Psychology

As a newbie trader, one of the things that you are likely having trouble with is the psychology of it all. Yes, trading is all about psychology, having the right mindset to be a profitable trader. One of the things that you will learn here is that trading is about the mind, not the heart, about rational thought, not rash judgements and gut feelings.

Moreover, here, Andrew will teach you exactly what kind of mindset you need to have to be successful in the world of market trading. The simple reality is that to be a successful trader, you need to be tough, rational, logical, and cold and calculated too. When it comes down to it, this is a science, and the science of trading is what Andrew’s Trading Channel can teach you.

The Best Profit Scalping Indicator

If you are interested in trading the stock market and you would like to learn a very cool trading technique, but you don’t really have the time to do so, then something you should check out is the UPSI or the ultimate profit scalping indicator. Within this particular video, Andrew discusses all of the benefits and merits that come with using this UPSI and exactly how it can benefit your trading game.

When it comes down to it that UPSI allows for very fast scalp trades to be made, or in other words, it provides you with profitable buy and sell signals that allow you to place very short term trades that will result in fairly decent profits.

When it comes to profit scalping, this is one of the most profitable indicators around. What you might also be interested in knowing is that Andrew and his team of trading experts were actually the ones to create the UPSI.

Making 29K in One Week

This is the final video from Andrew’s Trading Channel that we want to take a look at right now, and the reason we chose it is because we want to stress just how good of a trader Andrew really is, and how much money you can make if you follow his tips and rules.

For instance, in this particular video, if you pay close attention, you will learn one of the best Forex trading strategies around. This strategy involves using the EMA 200 line, the MACD indicator, and the parabolic SAR indicator. Now, if you are thinking that this all sounds quite complicated, you definitely would not be wrong.

Although this is one of the more complex trading strategies that you can learn from Andrew’s Trading Channel, it is also one of the best. People, using nothing but the strategy described in great detail within this video, Andrew was able to make a profit of just under thirty thousand Euros in a single week. There is no reason why you cannot do the same.

Andrew’s Live Streams

OK, so one of the things that we have not yet talked about here is that on Andrew’s trading channel, Andrew often does live streams. In other words, instead of recording videos and then uploading them at a later date, Andrew livestreams his videos. So, if you tune in while he is live streaming, he’s literally live in action.

Now you might think that this isn’t a huge deal, but the simple reality is that if Andrew is live streaming, it means that he is trading live on video and explaining how to do so at that same time. In other words, Andrew is going to describe some sort of awesome trading strategy that can make thousands of dollars and he is going to demonstrate it how to use it in real time. He will literally place trades with real money using the very same strategies that he is discussing. 

This is extremely beneficial for anybody who is watching in real time, because you can literally copy exactly what Andrew is doing, step for step and therefore also make the same profits that he is making. So, if Andrew uses an EMA 200 trading strategy and makes $3000 in a single day, if you follow along closely you can do the exact same thing by doing nothing more than copying what he is doing.

For this reason, not only do we recommend joining Andrew’s trading channel, but you should definitely also turn on the alerts so the next time Andrew does a live stream, you will be alerted of it immediately and you can watch him live in action and hopefully make money as he does too.

The ATC Scam

Before we call it a day, the other thing that we need to talk about here is that there is a copycat out there. A scammer who is trying to imitate Andrew and Andrews trading channel to try and quite literally screw everybody out of their money. Folks, we will tell you right now that if you want to use one of Andrew’s Signal services, whether it is crypto trading box or cryptocurrency signals or the income mentor box for X signal service, you have to follow the correct links to these services.


Yes, we provided you with the links here today and only use those ones. There is a scammer out there who has opened a telegram trading channel called Andrew’s Trading Channel and he’s claiming that if you send him hundreds of dollars they will send you off some trading signals that you can copy and paste.

Once again, the only legitimate signal services are the ones that are linked to right here. If you have any doubts, please watch the included video, because Andrews addresses this issue in his most recent video. Take a closer look at the video to see exactly what this copycat signal service looks like, what his website looks, like and more. You do not want to be tricked by this scammer because he will take you for every dollar you have.




Learning from Andrew’s Trading Channel – Final Thoughts

Folks, if you want to learn how to trade like a pro, then we definitely recommend checking out Andrew’s Trading Channel for all of the latest news, tips, rules, and trading guides.



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