EA Pip Scalper Important FAQ

The EA Pip Scalper is perhaps the best new Forex autotrader out there, one with the potential to produce huge profits. That said, people still have some questions about the EA Pip Scalper, which is what this FAQ is all about.

Is the EA Pip Scalper Fully Automated?

People seem to have some questions about how automated the EA Pip Scalper system actually is. Well, to clear up any confusion, yes, this autotrader is indeed 100% automated. There is nothing manual about it. Sure, you can change the settings and trading parameters to suit your needs, but other than that, everything is fully automated. The bot opens and closes trades all on its own. You just have to attach it to a specific chart for a Forex currency pair, and it will do the rest of the work for you.


Do I Need to Know Forex to Use the Bot?

People also seem to be concerned about how easy the EA Pip Scalper system is to use. For any newbies out there, rest assured that this Forex autobot is indeed super user friendly and easy to grasp. Sure, professional and seasoned traders can use it no problem. However, the fact of the matter is that this app was designed for newbies to use. Folks, you literally don’t have to know the first thing about Forex to use it. Sure, it definitely helps if you know how to read markets and perform some of your own analysis, but it is not 100% necessary. Even if you don’t know anything about FX trading, you can still use this bot to make profits.

EA Pip Scalper


What Currency Pairs Does it Trade?

People have been worried about the EA Pip Scalper bot because some people are not fans of only being able to trade a few currency pairs. Indeed, most automated trading apps out there focus on only a few major Forex currency pairs, which may be fine in some cases, but it’s definitely not versatile. Well, this is not the case with this new EA autotrader. Yes, it trades all Forex currency pairs under the stars. No matter the pair you want to trade, this bot will let you do it.


What Timeframes Does it Trade?

Just like with the currency pairs, this particular autotrader will trade on all timeframes.


Will the Bot Profit if I Turn it Off?

What some people have been wondering is if the EA Pip bot will still turn profits even when it is turned off. The answer here is no, that it will not. For one, the bot cannot execute positions if it is turned off. Now, any trades that are still open when the bot is turned off will remain open until the next time it is turned on. This is of course quite risky, because you have no idea what those trades are doing in the meantime. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you never turn the autobot off if there are still open trades. It’s just too risky.


When is the Best Time to Run the EA Pip Scalper?

If you are a newbie trader who does not know how to read the market, the best days of the week to let the EA Pip Scalper system run are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Mondays and Fridays can be quite volatile and unpredictable, so these days are best avoided by newbies. Moreover, there is no Forex trading on weekends, so there is no point on letting the bot run on Saturday or Sunday. Those 3 week days, right in the middle of the week, are the 3 best days to let it run.


Should I Let it Run During a Market Crash?

Simply put, no, you should not let the EA Scalper bot run during a market crash or during a severe market downturn. It’s just not worth it.


Can I Use Any Broker with the EA Pip Scalper System?

People are quite picky when it comes to choosing the right broker, which therefore produces another area of concern for potential users of this EA Pip Scalper system. Well, the really cool part about it is that you can actually use any broker with it. As long as the broker is reputable and you trust it, there is nothing stopping you from using it. All brokers are accepted here, a big bonus indeed.


Do I Need to Make a Minimum Deposit?

Yes, there is a small minimum deposit. You need to have at least $100 in your trading account in order to use this Forex autotrader. With that being said, this is perhaps the lowest minimum deposit required for any autotrader out there, as most require at least $500 or even $1,000 to trade. It makes this EA Pip Scalper autotrader great for beginners and for people with limited funds.


What is the Signal Accuracy Like?

Of course, the main point of any automated trading app like this is to make a profit, and this means that the signals produced need to be accurate. Well, with this particular app, you can expect the signal accuracy to be anywhere between 85% and 95%. Folks, this means that at least 8 out of 10 trades that this app places should be winners. That’s pretty darn good as far as we are concerned.


How Much Does the EA Pip Scalper Cost?  

The EA Pip Scalper comes to us at the very low price of $399. Keep in mind that this is a one-time payment. There are never any recurring, membership, or any other such type of fees. You pay $399, one single time, and then the software is yours.


What Platform do I need to Use the EA Pip Scalper with?

The other thing to remember here is that the EA Pip Scalper is designed for use exclusively with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

EA Pip Scalper


EA Pip Scalper FAQ – Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that we will also be doing an EA Pip Scalper FAQ part 2 in the coming days, as there are more questions and problems that people need help with. We will also be doing performance reviews and much more!



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