Daily Forex Trading with Phone


Forex trading is of course very profitable, at least, it can be if you do it right. In terms of daily Forex trading, if you have a nice computer setup at home, you’re probably all set. That said, the fact of the matter is that the least of us have time to sit at home in front of the computer to trade FX.

The simple fact is that we have children, we have day jobs, and we have responsibilities. Most of us just cannot be in front of the computer to trade all day long. Yes, for most people, this makes daily Forex trading extremely difficult. It can take a good few hours of trading per day to make substantial profits, hours you probably don’t have.

However, this is why we are here today, to talk about daily Forex trading with your mobile phone or tablet. Yes, it is possible to trade Forex and CFDs, as well as all other markets, right from your phone. Of course, when you can engage in daily Forex trading with your mobile phone, life gets a whole lot easier. It means that you can trade on the go, whether you are at work, waiting for the train, or anywhere in between.

Andrew, from Andrew’s Trading Channel, has just released two new tutorial videos which are all about daily Forex trading with nothing else but a smartphone. He has been able to make consistent profits using the particular strategies which we are about to discuss today. Folks, you don’t have to be at home in front of your computer in order to profit in the world of FX. You just have to be using the right FX strategies and methods, particularly when mobile phones are involved.

Daily Forex Trading with Phone

Daily Forex Trading with Phone & Fibonacci Levels – $300 Daily!

In this particular video, you will see that Andrew engages in daily Forex trading using nothing but his mobile phone. Here, he trades some of the most popular currency pairs directly from his smartphone. Andrew uses a special Fibonacci trading strategy here. For those of you that don’t know, Fibonacci levels are often used in FX trading to identify support and resistance levels.

Therefore, technically speaking, this particular strategy is all about using support and resistance levels to identify the best entry and exit points for trades, as well as which direction to trade in. Fibonacci levels are actually extremely reliable and they have the ability to provide you with crucial information for your trade setups.

As you can see from this particular video, Andrew can easily make upwards of $300 per day using this sort of Fibonacci support and resistance trading right off of his smartphone. It’s a fairly long video, so we are not going to explain the whole thing.

However, if you want to engage in daily Forex trading from your phone, on the go or wherever you are, and you like this kind of support and resistance trading, we would definitely recommend watching the whole video. Andrew goes through an exact step by step tutorial on how you can use the Fibonacci levels to successfully trade in the FX market using nothing but your cell phone.

Daily FX Income with Mobile Phone – $2,800+ ROI!

Alright, so the above video tutorial was all about using Fibonacci levels with support and resistance to place profitable FX trades from your cell phone. Yes, this was a very profitable day trading strategy. However, as you can see, $300 in ROI, while it is fine, it could definitely be better. Well, this particular video is part 2 to the one we just talked about.

In part 2 of Andrew’s explanation about how to engage in daily Forex trading from mobile phones, Andrew has taken this Fibonacci strategy to a whole new level. Here, Andrew has decided to add the MACD indicator to the mix for a much more reliable and profitable trade setup. MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Indicator. This is trend following momentum indicator which can identify changes in the strength, direction, momentum, and duration of a trend in Forex, stocks, and more.

Daily Forex Trading with Phone

Yes, because Andrew is now using Fibonacci and MACD, things do get a little more complicated. However, even though this particular strategy is a little more complicated to master than the simplified version we looked at above, if you do it right, you stand to gain a whole lot of money. In terms of daily Forex trading with a smartphone, using the Fibonacci + MACD strategy, Andrew was able to make a profit of over $2,800.

Once again, we would definitely recommend watching the included video which Andrew made. He goes through a fairly simple step by step process on how to place profitable Forex trades using this mobile based Fibonacci + MACD strategy. If he was able to make nearly $3,000 in a single day doing this, then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do the same!

Daily Forex Trading with Smartphone – Final Thoughts

People, as Andrew has clearly demonstrated, it is indeed possible to make healthy and consistent profits through daily Forex trading with smartphones. It’s actually very easy, and both of the videos we have looked at today are directed towards newbies. It’s all about making easy and fast profits in the world of FX with nothing more than a trading account and a cell phone.

At the very least, you can expect to make upwards of $300 per day doing this. As can be seen, Andrew himself has managed to make thousands of dollars in a single day, all by trading on the go with his cell phone.

We would definitely recommend taking a closer look at both videos to get a comprehensive lowdown of exactly how Andrew managed to achieve this. Moreover, if you really want to become a Forex trading professional, a highly profitable one, we would recommend learning from the best, from the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.



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