The Best Forex Scalping Strategy


When it comes to trading FX currency pairs, in order to make a profit, you do need to know what you are doing. If you are not already, you should definitely familiarize with Forex scalping, a special way of trading to make lots of small profits. However, there are many different kinds of Forex scalping strategies out there. Yes, the best Forex scalping strategy for you is the one that puts the most money in your pockets.

Best Forex Scalping Strategy

Andrew, from the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, as well as from Andrew’s Trading Channel, knows all about the best Forex scalping strategy. In fact, in recent weeks, Andrew has uploaded a variety of new day trading tutorials, each about a specific kind of Forex scalping strategy.

Folks, this is a type of trading method that can allow for some very serious profits, consistent and daily profits. Using the best Forex scalping strategy, it can be very easy to make lots of profits in a single day. However, if you don’t do it right, it’s just as easy to lose a significant amount of money too. Today we are here to talk about the best Forex scalping strategy, and yes, there is more than one, so let’s take a look.

The Best Scalping Strategy

Below we want to take a look at a number of Forex scalping strategies, each of which is clearly outlined and explained in easy to understand video formats by none other than Andrew himself. Let’s take a look at how you can make some quick profits in the world of currency trading.

Best Forex Scalping Strategy


Best 5 Minute Forex Scalping Strategy

When it comes to the most profitable and simple scalping strategy around, this particular 5 minute Forex scalping strategy is definitely one of the best out there. In this particular lesson, Andrew explains how you can make lots of small profits that accumulate very quickly.

As you can probably tell by the name of the strategy, it’s all about very short 5 minute trades. The thing which really stands out about this particular currency pair scalping method is how simple it is to master. Take a look at both videos, both part 1 and part 2 for a full scoop on how to best use this 5 minute scalping method to make fast and consistent profits on a daily basis.

If you have never traded like this before, you’ll definitely be surprised to see just how quickly the cash adds up when you win several 5 minute trades in a row. Remember folks, this is all about being able to win a large quantity of small trades with small lot sizes. Those small trades tend to add up rather quickly.


Best 3 Minute Forex Strategy for Newbies

Here we have yet another great way to scalp trade in Forex, a somewhat similar method to the one which we looked at above. Of course, whereas the above method involved short 5 minute timeframes, this strategy involves even shorter 3 minute timeframes.

What you do need to know is that this is viewed as one of the simplest and easiest Forex scalping strategies to master. As outlined by Andrew, using this method takes only a few minutes to master and it’s perfect for newbies to start out with.

Something that you should also know about this particular strategy is that it is a bit riskier and slightly more aggressive than the 5 minute method, but it is also highly profitable. If you are willing to engage in slightly more risk, then this 3 minute scalping method is definitely one to look out for. Andrew does a great job of explaining it in a very simple way so that everybody can understand.


Most Profitable Gold Scalping 

Gold is always a hot commodity in the market. It’s worth a lot of money, trading it can be quite secure, and there is always a lot of money to make when trading gold. Now, you don’t just have to trade gold. No, although gold is technically not a currency, it can still be traded in Forex. In other words, you can trade gold against currency pairs and make good money.

Moreover, it is also possible to engage in a scalping style of trading when working with gold. As you can see in this particular video, Andrew explains how he was able to make over 550 Euros of profit in just 2 minutes using this gold scalping strategy. If you can master this particular trading method, you stand to make some truly massive profits.


Emergency Forex Scalping

Although this particular trading method may sound a little intimidating, it’s really not. Now, what you need to know here is that this particular lesson is focused on finding the best possible exit points for Forex scalping trades.

Yes, of course, being able to find the best entry points is important, but it’s only one half of the equation. Being able to find the right exit points to take home as much profit as possible is just as important.

In this particular tutorial, Andrew explains exactly how you can find the best exit points in Forex scalp trades. It’s a very useful thing to know if you plan on actually putting money in the bank on a daily basis.


Best Stochastic RSI Forex Scalping Strategy

Forex scalping can get a little more intense when you start adding other indicators and analysis tools to the mix, such as the Stochastic indicator and the RSI indicator. No, this particular Forex scalping strategy is not the simplest one out there, and it does take a bit of work to master.

However, if you do get it right, as you can see from the video, it is possible to make well over $1,000 in just 15 minutes of trading. Yes, this method is a bit hard to master and it can be somewhat risky too, but the profit potential is huge. Remember that this is a strategy that uses a 15 minute timeframe.

The Best Forex Strategy for Profits – Final Thoughts

The fact of the matter is that the best Forex scalping strategy can take many different forms. It all depends on what kind of timeframes you want to work with, how much risk you want to engage in, how knowledgeable of a trader you are, and what you expect your profits to be like.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about scalp trading, especially the basics and fundamentals, we would absolutely recommend learning this from the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.


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