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The brand new Forex Pro Island trading bot is creating quite the stir in the world of automated FX trading. If you have been following along, you should know that this is a brand new 100% automated FX signals provider and auto trader. Yes, it provides signals, it trades for you, it does all of the work, and can end up putting a good deal of money in your pocket on a daily basis.

However, people have been weary of the Forex Pro Island Automated Trading Bot. Yes, there is a good reason for this, which is that most automated trading apps are either scams or they just don’t work. Yet, we are here to put your fears about this particular piece of auto trading software to rest. This Forex Pro Island review is all about answering all of your most pressing questions, so you know exactly what you are getting into here.

Forex Pro Island

What Does Forex Pro Island Software Trade?

As the name implies, this software is designed to trade Forex and nothing else. Now, we would rather have trading software that trades one thing very well, which in this case is Forex, than trading a variety of markets poorly. This particular piece of day trading software trades only Forex, but it does this extremely well.

Where Do I Use The Forex Pro Island Auto Bot?

Something you definitely need to know here is that the Forex Pro Island Bot is designed to be used exclusively with the MT4 platform. The MetaTrader 4 platform is very easy to use and one of the most trusted day trading platforms in the world. Therefore, you will first need to download and install MT4. Then, you download this trading app and install it on MT4. After that is done, simply open FX Island up inside of MT4, turn it on, and allow it to generate profits on your behalf.

How Do I Use Forex Pro Island Trading Software?

Simply put, there is not much you have to do when trading with the Forex Pro Island app, not much at all. This system incorporates a very advanced algorithm which does all of the heavy lifting for you. It does all of the analysis required to produce real time and reliable trading signals for FX. It also executes the trades on your behalf. All you have to do is open MT4, open the FX Pro Island app, turn it on, and let it generate profits for you.

Forex Pro Island

When Do I Use The Forex Pro Island MT4 Trading Bot?

Another important thing to know here is that there is a wrong time to use this auto trading bot and a right time. If you trade during the right time of day and week, the success rate will be much higher. Of course, there is no Forex trading over the weekend, but you should also avoid using this trading bot on Mondays and Fridays. This bot works best when used between Tuesday and Thursday. Moreover, for the very best results, you want to use this autotrader between 9 am and 7 PM GMT. If you don’t live in the GMT zone, make sure to make the appropriate adjustments for the best trading window.

Who Made This FX Auto Bot?

What is also important to note is that the creator of this particular day trading software is Andrew. A. Yes, Andrew is the same person behind our very own Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. This is the number one day trading school in the world and it is highly trusted. You may also know Andrew from his various trading channels on YouTube and Telegram.

Why Use Forex Pro Island Automated Trading Software?

The reason why you should try using this piece of automated day trading software is quite simple, because it works to put money in your pocket without you actually having to do any work at all. Serious people, you don’t really have to know the first thing about Forex trading to use this app. Simply install it, turn it on, and let it do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Making a few hundred or a couple thousand dollars per day takes virtually no time or effort on your behalf. Let’s not forget that the Forex Pro Island Auto Bot has the ability to produce win rates of around 74%. A 74% ITM rate is about as good as it gets with automated FX software.

How Much Does The Forex Pro Island MT4 Auto Bot Cost?

Something that really stands out about this Forex Pro Island app is the fact that it costs only $299. This is an extremely reasonable price for an app that can put thousands of dollars in your pocket on a weekly basis. Moreover, this is indeed a one time payment of $299. There are absolutely no other fees or costs of any sort. It’s a one time payment and the software is yours for the rest of your life.

Forex Pro Island

How Do I Get This Trading App?

All you have to do to get this app is to follow our links to the official website and follow the simple sign up instructions. You will have to make a small payment and enter some basic information. It really could not be any easier.

Forex Pro Island Trading Bot – FAQ

The bottom line is that the Forex Pro Island Automated Trading Bot is indeed the real deal, it’s legit, and yes, it will put money in your pocket. With a 74% win rate, it’s nearly impossible to lose money. Moreover, for such a low price of $299, you can easily make your money back in a single day.

The fact of the matter is that this is one of the easiest, fastest, and most reliable ways to profit through Forex trading without actually having to do any of the work yourself. If you are tired of losing trades and bleeding money, it might be time for you to check out the Forex Pro Island Auto Trading Bot.

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