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The Forex Pro Island MT4 trading bot is finally here, and it’s going to be the number one FX signal providing software around. If you are tired of losing trades and losing money, it’s time to start using reliable and automatically generated trading signals. This is our Forex Pro Island review and we’re here to talk about the vast benefits which this app brings to the table.

Forex Pro Island

What is the Forex Pro Island Bot?

First thing’s first, let’s explain exactly what this new Forex Pro Island trading bot it. So, in layman’s terms this is a signal provider for FX. In other words, you turn it on and let it do its thing, and within a few short minutes of it being turned on, it will provide you with FX trading signals. In other words, this is an automated signal provider or automated FX trading bot.

Now, just to be clear, it does actually place trades for you. It produces highly reliable FX signals which you can then use to make quick money. In all reality, this software is designed to help make your life much easier when it comes to day trading. It’s made to produce high quality and up to date FX signals which you can then use to make healthy and consistent profits. You don’t even have to do any work. This app automatically places the trades for you.

The Forex Pro Island MT4 Auto Trading Bot is a revolutionary new way for you to trade. It is designed to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. In other words, this is designed for newbies, for people that either don’t have the time to engage in manual trading and for people who don’t really know too much about trading either. It makes it possible for people who are limited in skill and knowledge to still make money in the FX market.

How Does Forex Pro Island Software Work?

Well, in theory, this Forex Pro Island system is actually very simple, although that is something we as trading professionals are saying. To put it simply, this software was designed through months and months of highly extensive research and coding.

Yes, this is an automated system which automatically provides users with FX signals and then executers trades on those signals. There is a highly advanced and sophisticated signal generating algorithm, incorporated into this software. This algorithm does all of the hard work and heavy lifting for you. The Forex Pro Island Auto Bot performs a myriad of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and news analysis, as well as other forms of analysis.

Moreover, everything here is done in real time with up to date and current market conditions. All of these factors come together to provide you with real time, up to date, accurate, and profitable FX signals. 

Forex Pro Island

How to Use The Forex Pro Island MT4 Auto Bot

Alright, so you are probably wondering how exactly you will use this automated signal generator for FX. Well, in all reality, there is not much that you have to do at all. First off, you have to download and install the Forex Pro Island system, which you can do in a few simple steps by following the instructions laid out on the main page. Signing up and downloading it only takes a few short minutes.

Next, beware that this system is designed to be used with the highly reputable MT4 or MetaTrader 4 platform. No, it will not work on other trading platforms. Once you have this software downloaded, you can then install it on the MT4 platform. After having installed it, open the Forex Pro Island software up within the MT4 platform. Now you can activate it, or in other words, turn it on.

Something that does need to be noted here is that this automated trading bot is designed to work with 1 minute charts and 5 minute charts. However, it is not designed for use with longer time periods. We personally like this a lot, because trading FX with such short timeframes means being able to place lots of small and low risk trades in a limited amount of time, this making fast profits.

Of course, the beauty of this whole thing is that you don’t need to waste any time trading. Moreover, the Forex Pro Island is made for people who really do not know much about FX trading at all. It’s perfect for people who have limited skill and knowledge of FX. The reason why this software makes life so easy is because it comes with everything you need to place FX trades without knowing a single thing about FX.

All signals come complete with entry prices or entry points, as well as stop loss levels and take profit levels too. Simply let the software trade for you!

The Man Behind the Forex Pro Island App

Something you might be really interested to know is who actually created this Forex Pro Island trading system. Well, we are happy to announce that this automated trading bot comes to us from the same person who created the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, none other than Andrew. A himself.

Of course, our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is one of the world’s best resources for everybody and anybody to learn day trading. Moreover, Andrew is also the man behind Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube, as well as Andrew’s Trading Channel on Telegram. Simply put, we know that we can trust the Forex Pro Island app because it was created by our own beloved mentor.

Forex Pro Island


Forex Pro Island Bot Features

Ok, so now we have covered what exactly the Forex Pro Island bot is and how it works to put money in your pocket. However, we do also want to talk about some of the other features which it comes with. Let’s take a quick look at the most notable features of this automated MT4 trading bot right here and now.

Forex Pro Island Bot Expected ITM Rate

Of course, the whole point of this Forex Pro Island software is to help put money in your pocket. Therefor you probably want to know what the expected ITM rate is. In other words, if you place say 10 trades, how many of those 10 trades will turn out to be winners. Well, what we can say here is that we know for a fact that the signals generated here are some of the most up to date, reliable, and profitable signals around.

If you use the Forex Pro Island app with 1 or 5 minute charts, you can expect a 74% ITM rate. A 74% ITM rate means that 7.4 out of every 10 FX trades placed should be winners. You might thing that a 74% win rate is not great, but this is actually quite the opposite of the case.

If you take a look at other automated signal producing bots like this, you will find out that achieving even a 40% win rate is difficult, usually impossible. However, that is not the case here, as you should be able to win the vast majority of trades when using these signals. Simply put, the Forex Pro Island system is the number one most reliable and profitable piece of FX signal generating software out there right now.

Forex Pro Island

Forex Pro Island User Testimonials

Now, although this system is brand new, there was a group of beta testers who used it for a few weeks to test it out. From what we can see, people are extremely pleased with it. Let’s see what people have to say about this Forex Pro Island automated trading bot.

Jack Chuang had this to say: “Support is great and I recommend it to those who are not looking for the holy grail but want to make profits with low risk settings”.

James has this to say about Forex Pro Island: “I trade with robots for years and never managed to keep them under control. With Forex Pro Island this is made extremely easy. In case you consider to trade with robots, I can definitely recommend the service of this team”.

P. Seegers had the following to say: “Was my first EA experience so far and these guys really did the job. I picked a robot and the rest was done by the support team. Very supportive and not afraid to walk an extra mile. Will probably never trade manually again”.

Forex Pro Island Customer Support

Something else that stands out about the Forex Pro Island system is that it comes with excellent customer support for anybody who needs any sort of help. Yes, this is high quality signal generating software and it is very easy to use. However, this is not to say that you won’t ever experience an issue with it.

Well, the support for this MT4 trading bot is available 24/7, at all times of day and night. If you have any issues with the Forex Pro Island system, all you have to do is email [email protected]. The support team will do their best to get back to you ASAP and assist with any issue that you may have.

Forex Pro Island

Forex Pro Island Cost & Signup

You probably want to know just how much this Forex Pro Island system costs to use. Well, the awesome part here is that the cost here is a single and simple one time payment of $299. Folks, there are absolutely no additional fees, hidden costs, or any other kind of charge of any sort. You pay $299 one single time and that’s it. In order to sign up for this awesome signal generator bot and to download it, simply follow the links which we have provided here in today’s article.

Forex Pro Island Trading Bot – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Forex Pro Island MT4 Auto Trading Bot is currently the number one way to get FX signals to trade with. Here you get quick and up to date signals that are 74% reliable, or even more. Signing up for this system and using it involves a low one time payment and nothing else. This is how you get up to date and reliable FX signal for trading. You don’t have to know anything about Forex trading and you don’t need a lot of time to make money either!

Forex Pro Island Signup

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