Forex Trading Challenge WEEK 1 RESULTS


It is now the end of week 1 of our $200 Forex Trading Challenge, and we are pleased to announce that everything is going according to plan. If you have not yet heard of our FX challenge, you should definitely stick around. This is especially the case if you are a newbie trader with very limited funds to start trading FX with. Now, the fact of the matter is that many aspiring traders just don’t have very much start up capital to start off with.

Of course, life is hard and expensive, so this is more than understandable. It’s very normal for day traders to start off with just a couple hundred dollars in their pocket. Now, this is not to say that starting with so little cash for FX trading is easy. In fact, quite the opposite is the case. Starting FX trading with so little money is not easy in the least, and no, making profits is not overly easy. With that being said, being hard does not mean that it’s impossible.

This is what our $200 Forex Trading Challenge is all about. It’s about showing you that starting with $200 and turning it into something substantial is definitely doable. While it’s not easy, and while gains may be very slow in the beginning, increasing an FX account balance from $200 is possible, as long as you trade the right way and follow our tips. It’s the end of the first week of our challenge, so let’s take a closer look at what’s happened so far.

$200 Forex Trading Challenge

$200 Forex Trading Challenge – Progress So Far

Personally, now marks the end of day 5 of our $200 Forex Trading Challenge, and it has been a very successful week. At this point, we have managed to make some massive profits compared to our super small starting balance of $200.

Today actually marks the day where we achieved a massive milestone for this particular challenge. We doubled our account balance. Let us tell you how we managed to double our account balance within 5 days of starting this $200 Forex Trading Challenge. We want to keep you updated on our progress and share some valuable tips with you too!


$200 Forex Trading Challenge – Day 3 – 54% ROI

So, day 3 of our $200 Forex Trading Challenge was when the first great milestone was achieved. Day 3 of the challenge marked a 54% ROI from the start. In other words, within 3 days of starting this challenge, we had managed to turn that $200 starting balance into over $300, $308 to be exact.

Of course, a $108 profit in 3 days is not huge when compared to what some Forex traders do with much larger account balances. However, that being said, a 54% ROI in 3 days is nothing to look down at, but is rather quite impressive.

Keep in mind to follow the tips which Andy outlines in his videos about how to trade the right way to be successful with this $200 Forex Trading Challenge. Andy’s got a whole lot of awesome tips and they will all help you see success, even when starting off with such little money.

$200 Forex Trading Challenge – Day 4 – 75% ROI

The next big milestone of our $200 Forex Trading Challenge was achieved on day 4, just 1 day after day 3. At the end of day 4, we had managed to turn that starting balance of $200 into over $350. In other words, within 4 days of trading, we managed to achieve a return on investment of roughly 75%.

Once again, compared to the starting balance of $200, a 4 day return of over $150 is very impressive to say the least. We stuck to our guns, we didn’t forget our trading strategy, and we continued to engage in proportional risk management. The progress may be slow, but it’s steady, and progress is always better than suffering losses, no matter how slow that progress may be.


$200 Forex Trading Challenge – Day 5 – ACCOUNT BALANCE DOUBLED!

So, as it turns out, by day 5, the end of the first week of our $200 Forex Trading Challenge, we had managed to double our account balance. That is right folks, within 5 days of trading, we managed to generate an ROI of over 100%, turning that initial $200 deposit into over $400.

The fact that we managed to double our money in a single week, especially from such a small amount, is exactly what we were going for. We now expect our gains to increase exponentially. In all reality, we should be able to reach $1,000 by this time next week, at the end of week 2.


$200 Forex Trading Challenge – End of Week #1

There we have it folks, it’s the end of the first week of our $200 Forex Trading Challenge, the end of day 5. As you can see, so far it has been a massive success and we are well on our way to reaching the target of $1,000.

The goal is to reach that $1,000 mark by the end of next week, so within 10 days of starting our challenge. Of course, there are variables and things change from one day to another, but we have high hopes for finishing our $200 Forex Trading Challenge within 2 weeks of the start date.

The fact of the matter is that we have already managed to double our account balance from $200 to over $400 in 5 days. It’s an impressive feat, one which surprised even us. An ROI of 100% in 5 days of trading is something to be very proud of.

If you follow all of the tips which we outline in our posts about this challenge, and you watch the videos which Andy makes on a daily basis, winning the $200 Forex Trading Challenge should be no problem for you. That being said, the best way to learn FX trading so you can make real money on a daily basis, joining our own Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is what we would recommend.


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