$200 Forex Account Challenge – Day 4


Our $200 Forex account challenge is well under way, and we just completed day 4. For those of you who don’t know, this challenge is all about starting with a small account balance of $200. The aim is to get to an account balance of $1,000. The reason why we are doing this is to show you that it is indeed possible to grow such a small trading account into something substantial.

Many people have been asking us whether or not it is possible to trade with such a small account and still be successful. Now, of course it is much harder to trade FX when you start with such a small balance. However, hard is not the same as impossible. Today we are here to talk about our progress with the $200 Forex account challenge and where we now stand.

$200 Forex account challenge

$200 Forex Account Challenge – Progress So Far

If you have been following along with our $200 Forex Account Challenge, you probably know that it has been going good so far. So, yesterday was day 3, and at the end of yesterday, we had roughly $308 in our account. Based on the $200 initial amount we started with, this is an ROI of about 54%. 54% in a large return for just 3 days of trading, not bad at all.

Well, day 4 is going according to plan. At the end of day 4, we had over $350 in our account, up from the initial $200. This means that in 4 days of trading, we managed to accumulate an ROI of 75%. This is a great return for 4 days of trading. We expect that by the end of day 5, we should be at around $400 at least, or in other words, by this time tomorrow, we should have doubled our account.

$200 Forex Account Challenge – Some Quick Tips

If you plan on being successful in this $200 Forex Account Challenge, there are some tips you need to follow. For the best tips and advice for success, check out the videos which we have included here today.

  • Always engage in proportional risk management. This means never risking more than a couple percent of your total account balance per trade. Remember, the point here is to win trades, not to make massive profits.
  • On that same note, remember that winning trades is important here, but profit goals should take a back seat. The reason for this is because with this $200 Forex Account Challenge, profits are going to be very small at first. As long as you are winning trades and making a little bit of money at a time, and not losing trades, you are on the right track.
  • Remember folks, it pays to have a great trading strategy. Don’t start this challenge unless you have a tested strategy that will work to win trades.


$200 Forex Account Challenge – Conclusion

Day 4 of our $200 Forex Account Challenge saw our account balance increase by 75% from the initial $200. We expect our ROI on the initial $200 to be at least 100% by tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates!


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